While it’s undeniable that multiple factors contribute to the creation of the most memorable, one-of-a-kind hotels, there’s one omnipotent force that governs them all, and that of course, is location. Because what guests are looking for when they arrive at 7Pines Resort Ibiza is nothing short of paradise. They want to peel back the blinds and see the Mediterranean sparkling in the morning sunlight; they want to know that a range of world-class beaches and charming local towns are within touching distance. We’ve taken note and delivered all that and more. Located on Ibiza’s staggeringly beautiful west coast, an area famed all across the globe for its sorbet-coloured sunsets, 7Pines Resort Ibiza is the only five-star resort on this side of the island. Set atop cliffs near the stunning beach of Cala Conta, it’s a space peppered with palm trees that boasts spectacular views out to sea. In fact, it’s also one of the only resorts on the island with unobstructed views of Es Vedrà, the jagged rock that crests up from below the Med – otherwise known as Ibiza’s most distinguished landmark. A resort that combines luxury with authenticity, it provides all the comforts of opulent, secluded living while remaining the perfect base from which to explore the island.
Cala Conta, famed for its sandy shores and turquoise waters. 
Ibiza is home to countless beautiful beaches, so it’s well worth taking the time to root out your personal favourite. One that’s consistently crowned Ibiza’s best is Cala Conta, and that’s no surprise, because if you take the fine, powdery sand, the topaz-tinged waters and its dramatic views of sunset, you’ve got something positively special on your hands. Cala Conta is the closest sand beach to 7Pines Resort Ibiza and truly, it has something for everyone. The main beach is popular – so often busy in the peak of summer – but bring a parasol, stake you claim and spend the afternoon cooling off with some snorkelling, or swim across to S’illa des Bosc, a rock formation visible on the horizon. Cala Conta is perfect for kids too. Close to the beach, the water is shallow and calm, so perfect for splashing around or the essential European summer game of bat and ball. There’s another little cove to the left of the main beach, Cala Escondida, but this is favoured by nudists, so be prepared to fully embrace the naturist life if you go here. To the right there’s a selection of high-end restaurants specialising in seafood and perfect for long, lazy lunching. At sunset, almost everyone heads to Sunset Ashram back on the main beach for cocktails and a bite to eat, all accompanied by laid-back tunes, a bohemian atmosphere and of course, nature’s greatest daily show.

To switch up your daily beach visit, there are a couple of other spectacular spots in the resort’s vicinity. Cala Tarida sits close by, and this is the ideal spot for families. A long, sweeping stretch of white sand met by turquoise water and lined with sun beds, restaurants and bars, spending an entire day here is simplicity itself. Then, if you’re keen to wander off the beaten track, go in search of ‘Ibiza Henge’, a formidable stone sculpture (real name: Time and Space by Australian artist Andrew Rogers) commissioned by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil who lives next door.

Elsewhere there’s Cala Bassa. A slick of silvery sand backed by a wooded area of ancient Sabina trees and calm, lapping waters. This is a fabulous safe bathing spot for kids and you can hire pedaloes, banana boats and jet skis to keep the older ones entertained. There are plenty of dining options swept across the entire beach, catering to every taste from fine dining and burgers to beach snacks, and of course, multiple jugs of cava sangria – an Ibiza holiday must-have.

Another must, hire a yacht, pack the Champagne and head over to the neighbouring island of Formentera for the day. And if you’re tired of topping up the tan (surely not?), the charming village of San José is just minutes away from 7Pines Resort Ibiza. An opportunity to really soak up the sleepy pace of Ibicenco life in all its whitewashed glory, here the aim is to sip coffee on a canopied terrace, then browse the range of boutiques for homemade keepsakes to take home (just not between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, when siesta is in full flow). 

Ibiza is an island that offers everything – from dazzling unspoilt coastline to quaint little towns to sunsets that ignite the senses – and 7Pines Resort Ibiza is proud to be at the heart of it all. A place to relax, rejuvenate, but most importantly, to explore, we want guests to savour every speck of this island’s magic.

"7PINES IS one of the only resorts on the island with unobstructed views of Es Vedrà"

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