With Tony Micelotta & Alessio Roscioli

Join us on Friday 13th & Saturday 14th August from 8:00 pm at the Pershing Yacht Terrace for two unique evenings of cocktail craftmanship with the best of two rich and distinct universe:

Sip on the best classic cocktails such as Martini, Negroni or Sarezac prepared and explained by Maestro Tony Micelotta, and explore avant-garde creative cocktails from 7Pines own Mixologist, Alessio Roscioli. 

The cocktail show starts at 8:00 pm. 

 Reservation is essential:


Living by the adage “mix well in life”, Tony Micelotta was born in Bologna in 1956 where he started his career in the hospitality world after graduating from the Bellagio Hotel School in Lake Como.
His impressive career, took him around the globe on board Costa cruises, the Inter-Continental London, the Savoy Hotel, the Grand Hotel in Gardone Riviera, the Ana Westin Grand Hotel in Washington D.C, the Dukes of St. James, the Ambasciatori in Via Veneto in Rome, ending up for the last eleven years at the Excelsior Lido, headquarters of Venice’s Film Festival.

In 2012 he received the honor of merit of “Maestro del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana”, from the Italian president in person

Part of the 7Pines Resort Ibiza team since its opening in 2018, Alessio Roscioli has been a pillar of the Bar team for 4 years.
His creative mind is always in the search for different, up-and-coming mixology techniques: “For me, the opportunity to create new flavours is fascinating.”

He is responsible for the avant-garde signature cocktail menu of the Pershing Yacht Terrace, a fine drinking experience mixing local and exotic ingredients transporting guests to a voyage of discovery. 
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