With the island’s native essences, we have designed three Rituals with 100% Ibizan character, accom-panied by the best massage techniques and the hands of the best therapists. Holistic experiences that allow you a time of relaxation and wellbeing where you will discover an authentic spa experience. All our Ibizan rituals include a tasting menu in the different restaurants of our Resort, so that your enjoyment is complete.
3 HOURS · 310 EUR
Reminiscent of the charisma-tic landscapes of Ibiza’s orange groves. Sweet like the delicate almond blossom and swee-tened by its notes of vanilla essences, this fra-grance is born from the fruits and flowers of the most select almond trees harvested on the island. An appetising bittersweet candy with an aro-matic body of orange blossom, lily of the va-lley, white moss and almond blossom. Relaxing massage with facial treatment inclu-ded to make this Ritual a holistic experience. Prepare to lose yourself in a state of wellbeing, ready for a deep night’s sleep.

Includes: Lunch / Dinner menu  

3 HOURS · 310 EUR
An original and daring fragrance, created from a wise bittersweet blend.
The bitter taste of the vine leaf blends perfectly with the sweetness of figs ripened in the Ibiza sun. A composition that seduces both wo-men and men.
This treatment begins with the body scrub with its invigorating fig oils. Your skin will be covered from head to toe, you will feel incredi-bly active and ready to receive a holistic massage where the essential fig oils will penetrate the skin and allow it to detoxify. You will expe-rience a massage where pressure points on the face and scalp will be stimulated and specialised reflexology techniques will be used. Your body’s immune system will be stimulated, your lymphatic system will be detoxified and you will feel recharged and completely revived.
This treatment allows you to stop, switch off and then restart. Your senses will be awakened and your body and mind will receive a na-tural energy boost.

Included: Lunch / dinner menu included.
3 HOURS · 310 EUR
For over 30 years, the blend of its stimulating and sparkling freshness has been uplifting, a burst of optimism that helps sparkling awakenings. A fresh aromatic body with overtones of bergamot and lemon accompanied with essence of verbena, mandarin, galbanum and bitter orange. Combination of reflexology sequence and breathing techniques. Throughout the whole process, we spray mandarin oil on the skin and provide special massages to the main relief points of the head, face, neck and back. We use the best techniques of shiatsu, cranial and Thai massage. This treatment allows tension to dis-sipate and with a newfound peace of mind, you will discover your new self
Included: Lunch / dinner menu 
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