SCRUB | 60 MIN | 180 €

Rejuvenate your spirits and awaken natural radiance with this sensorial ritual. Natural sea salt smooths away dull, dry cells before targeted massage with aromatic essential oils alleviates tense muscles, releases any cares and leaves skin soft, supple and glowing with health.
Includes: Salt & oil full body exfoliation, targeted massage.

Choose from:
Orange & Rosemary - Brightening Orange and reviving Rosemary awaken and uplift skin and spirits.
Lavender & Palmarosa - Relaxing Lavender and soothing Palmarosa gently calm and reassure mind and body.

90 MIN | 230 €

Purify your body or deeply replenish your skin with this personalised body wrap. Reveal instant results from naturally detoxifying Marine Algae or nourishing Mud. Skin looks refined, toned and beautifully radiant, while a soothing scalp massage restores inner calm. 
Includes: Skin brush, body exfoliation, algae or mud wrap, scalp massage.
Choose from:
Orange & Rosemary - A body wrap of Marine Algae combined with naturally cleansing and reviving essential oils help eliminate toxins, purify the body and hydrate the skin.
Lavender & Palmarosa - A warm blend of a deeply nourishing body cream and comfor-ting essential oils soothe dry skin and restore balance to the mind.

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