Within its extensive grounds, 7Pines Resort Sardinia encapsulates the best of the island. The naturally rugged topography, which ensures a fresh and stimulating view at every turn of the many paths. The invigorating fragrance of the local flowers, shrubs and herbs. And the sounds and scents of the sea, with the ebbing and flowing rhythm of the waves.

Discover the range of activities available within our sprawling grounds.

The varied terrain within our resort makes it perfect for runners to simply exercise or really test their fitness. The trails wind through the local flora of our nature park and offer wonderful sea views, providing the inspiration for that extra burst of energy.

To raise the pulse, with a competitive game or just some friendly fun, there is our multisports arena. This versatile area adapts to a variety of sports, including favourites such as football and tennis.

There’s also the opportunity to try padel – where the ball can be played off the walls in the enclosed court, and is hit by solid, stringless bats. Originally from Mexico and now increasingly popular in Mediterranean countries, padel is usually a doubles game. It’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy discovering new sporting skills.

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