The sea is constantly tempting, and with so many activities available, why resist?
Enquire with our Concierge team to discover the full range of activities available. 

The Costa Smeralda is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, ideal for snorkelling and observing the natural underwater rock sculptures, marine plants and the colourful creatures that dart between them.
Gentle currents in sheltered bays make snorkelling an easy, fascinating way to get closer to Sardinia’s extraordinary coastal riches.


Stand-up paddling, also called SUP, combines quiet, sporting activity with the immediate experience of the sea and is becoming increasingly popular. The reasons are clear: the azure waters offer glimpses of life below the surface, while above the waterline the beauty of Sardinia is revealed in the picturesque coastline.



Kayaking opens up further perspectives on the coast with the possibility of discovering hidden caves and bays. Combining sport with the experience of the landscape and the sea in this way is rewarding in every way. With the right technique, it is easy to conquer the gentle swell, making kayaking one of the most beautiful ways to mix wonderful impressions with a little workout.
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