beachfront mediterranean resort in baja sardinia

Located in Baja Sardinia, 7Pines Resort Sardinia sits in a tranquil cove on Sardinia’s northern coast. Overlooking the magnificent marine protected area of the Maddalena islands, its location ensures intimacy as well as some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular sunset views. The enchanting Costa Smeralda and fabled coastal town of Porto Cervo are 10 minutes’ drive from 7Pines Resort Sardinia and Olbia airport is just 35 km.

To the west of Italy, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and immediately south of Corsica. Sardinia’s coastline is 1,849 km long. The Tyrrhenian Sea (a part of the Mediterranean) is between Sardinia and Italy, while the Sardinian Sea (also part of the Mediterranean) is to the west. The island is rocky and hilly in places, with mountain ranges separated by wide flat areas. The capital Cagliari is in the south of the island.
Address and Contact Details
7Pines Resort Sardinia
Loc. Li Mucchi Bianchi
07021 Baja Sardinia, Arzachena (SS)
Sardinia - Italy


Check-in/Check-out Time
Check-in 15:00 - Check-out 12:00

Should you require an early arrival or late departure, please contact our Reception team. Service is subject to availability and an additional cost might apply.

GPS Co-ordinates
Longitude: 9.4718644º
Latitude: 41.1283243º

Taxi transportation
From Olbia airport
A taxi can be found directly outside the airport exit. 

Distance to points of interest
Olbia Airport: 35 km, 40 min
Porto Cervo town: 7 km, 10 min
Porto Rotondo town: 31 km, 35 min
Pevero Golf Club: 13 km, 18 min
Baja Sardinia: 2 km, 4 min
Sardinia’s climate is warm and mostly dry, especially around the coast. Summer temperatures can exceed 30°C and the sea is very warm to swim in. Sea breezes generally make the beaches feel comfortable. Spring and Autumn are still relatively warm, with cooler nights. Winter is usually short and it is rare to drop below freezing on the coast. It tends to be a little cooler inland all year round.

Italian is spoken across Sardinia. English, French and German may be spoken in some of the larger towns, restaurants and shops. You may also hear Sard or Sardinian (the island’s indigenous language) and other minority languages spoken; they are all recognised by regional law.

Here are some easy and useful Italian phrases:

Hello                        Ciao
Goodbye                 Addio
Good morning         Buongiorno
Good afternoon      Buon pomeriggio
Good evening          Buonasera
Please                       Per favore
Thank you                 Grazie
You’re welcome        Prego
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