Luftaufnahme der 7Pines Resort Küstenlinie mit Luxussuiten, die auf Es Vedrà, Ibiza, blicken.

Bringing a vision to life


Architect Sandro Sergi and engineer Luca Androni, together with their team, were responsible for the holistic design of 7pines resort Sardinia. Based on the island, the experts combine the right design know-how with first-hand knowledge of local traditions and a sense for what makes this place so unique.

Luca and Sandro, the region around the Costa Smeralda is changing, and you were one of the first to completely renovate and odernize the 7Pines Resort Sardinia. What does the Costa Smeralda stand for, and what makes a holiday in this region so special?

The Costa Smeralda is internationally known as one of the most presti­gious summer destinations in the Mediterranean. The unspoilt nature and pristine landscapes surrounded by crystal clear seas attract tourists from all over the world. Since the Costa Smeralda began to be developed in the 1960s, buildings, resorts and villas have always been perfectly integrated into the natural surroundings. Owing to organic architecture and the use of local materials, man-made structures were harmoniously integrated into the landscape. The Costa Smeralda also stands for luxury and exclusivity – surrounded by high-quality food, efficient services and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sophisticated entertainment and the exclusive services offered in the area are what make it so attractive to an international clientele seeking an unmatched atmosphere and unique experiences.
Lageplan von 7Pines Hotels & Resorts mit Koordinaten
The design of the 7Pines Resort is a clear nod to the typical Sardinian design and is the work of local craftsmen and artists. Which aspects of the design are you particularly proud of, and how do you describe the design typical of Sardinia?

When designing tourist accommodation, we always try to bring out the Sardinian identity and its special characteristics. In particular, by collaborating with local craftsmen and artists, we are able to develop new design solutions that are reminiscent of traditional pieces – especially ceramic and textile art with centuries of history and created using techniques families passed down through generations. The landscape is another source of inspiration for us. The colours of the Mediterranean scrubland, which change with the seasons, the rocks and the countryside give us a distinct colour palette to draw on for our designs. Our main goal is always to create the perfect balance between contemporary design and tradition, enabling the hotel or villa guests to have an immersive experience in unique, expressive and appealing ambiances. At 7Pines Sardinia, tradition has a place in both the interior and exterior spaces. The materials used are all natural and of local origin. The stones of the floors, the surfaces, juniper woods, and the wall and roof colours and finishing were all selected and combined in the furniture elements with the intention of creating different atmospheres that are typical of the local area.

Sardinia stands for an original culture, in the midst of striking landscapes and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Do you have a favourite spot on Sardinia that best describes what this special island is all about?

Sardinia has almost 2,000 km of coastline, with a huge amount of differ­ent sceneries that inspired us on our quest for ideas and during the design process. We think Gallura, where 7Pines Sardinia is located, is one of the most beautiful areas of the island, with several breathtaking and amazing sceneries both at sea and on land. It’s easy to find areas that are still untouched and unspoilt, and there’s a strong presence of natural elements, from pink or yellow San Giacomo granite to cork and juniper forests. The landscape changes with the seasons. The colours change from the yellow or white of broom and almond blossoms to the browns and oranges of euphorbia, and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub also change throughout the year.
Zu Piazza Martiri 7
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