7Pines Resort guest relaxing on a coastal rock, embodying Destination by Hyatt's immersive nature experience

Destination by Hyatt

United in Exclusivity

Destination by Hyatt hotels, harmoniously designed with their surroundings, offer guests the opportunity to capture the true essence of each location, making them immersive places of discovery.

Whether it's hiking mountain trails, exploring hidden beaches, paddling an outrigger canoe, or simply relaxing by the pool, the expansive settings of our resorts cater to all occasions and group sizes.

The 7Pines Resorts in Ibiza and Sardinia are among the first Destination by Hyatt properties in Europe. We are proud to be a part of this exclusive collection of extraordinary hotels in Europe.
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7Pines Resort scenic white buildings among lush trees under blue sky
Bride in white dress on 7Pines patio with a view of the serene golf course.
7Pines Hotel's Pershing Yacht on the water symbolizing elegance and freedom.
7Pines Resort Ibiza sunset with palm trees and a view of Es VedrΓ 
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