Woman in dress leaning on the terrace railing at 7Pines with sea views

Your Mediterranean Havens

Imagine enjoying a sunset from your own terrace. Waking up to views of the sea – our havens in the 7Pines Hotels & Resorts offer unforgettable moments. They are the heart of every 7Pines, providing a sense of home in a yet unfamiliar place.
Tranquil 7Pines penthouse living room with large windows offering scenic views.
Our rooms and suites are designed and positioned to offer you the utmost privacy and enchanting views. Large windows blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding beauty. The tranquillity and spaciousness of our accommodations ensure the rest and relaxation you seek and deserve.
In the rooms, suites, and Grand Villas of 7Pines, opulence and elegance merge to create a unique living experience. The character of each destination is reflected in the intricate interior design: Local materials like olive or juniper wood are incorporated into the exquisite furniture, while the colors and textures of the landscape are echoed in the decor, creating an experience of unparalleled quality.
Elegant 7Pines suite with luxurious bed, ornate mirror, and bespoke interior design.
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