7Pines Hotel's Pershing Yacht on the water symbolizing elegance and freedom.

Immerse yourself with 7Pines Yachting!

Our Pershing Yachts are a statement without words. They symbolize freedom, performance, elegance, and style. In our beach destinations, we invite you to discover breathtaking coastlines and the liberty on the sea, guided by our skilled crews.
Pershing 5X yacht on the water near 7Pines Hotels & Resorts, capable of 42 knots, seats up to 12

Pershing 5X

In aviation, the letter X stands for exceptional performance and innovation. This is precisely what the Ferretti Group aims to convey with their X model series of yachts, beginning with the Pershing 5X.

Length: 16.51 m
Beam overall: 4.38 m
Maximum number of persons: 12
Maximum speed: 42 knots
Cruising speed: 38 knots
The Pershing 9X luxury boat cruising on the ocean

Pershing 9X

The Pershing 9X is a masterpiece of modern nautical design, an impressive blend of luxury and technology. The Pershing 9X, with its futuristic materials and powerful engines, stands out as a marvel.

Length: 28.09 m
Beam overall: 6.23 m
Maximum number of persons: 20
Maximum speed: 42 knots
Cruising speed: 38 knots
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