Man enjoying laid-back luxury on a couch at 7Pines Resort Ibiza

The soul of luxury

Kitzig Design Studios

Olaf Kitzig Design Studio is an international office for interior design, architecture and brand design. At 7Pines Resort Ibiza, the studio was responsible for the public areas and the suites.

Olaf, you and your studio have defined the 7Pines brand and its image right from the start through your design. How would you describe the essence of 7Pines?

7Pines represents natural, laid-back luxury. As such, it’s a place that reflects the soul of the surrounding area in a totally unique manner – thanks to a special combination of relaxed, high-end services, on the one hand, complemented by interior design products that exude luxury without being ‘showy’, on the other. The location itself is set in scene via the selection of colours and shapes, and thus forms part of the design.

In your interior design, you incorporated the local spirit of Ibiza in various ways – by working with local artists, for example. Is there a special place that inspired you? Do you have a favourite spot on the island?

I drew inspiration from the island itself – its impressive landscapes, culture and history. In addition, I was inspired by discussions with project partners and by the different perspectives of the Ibicencos themselves. In a sense, the range of colours and materials create an underlying sentiment that soaks in the aura of Ibiza and gives expression to it. In this context, the artists’ works represent the many different facets and char­acteristics that make up the flair of the island. As for my favourite place on Ibiza – it’s not so much a place as a view. The views over Es Vedrà, from all angles, have a contemplative air about them. I drew lots of inspiration from the views. I’m so glad they form part of the sunset ritual.
7Pines Resort perched on the cliffside overlooking the Es Vedrà islet in Ibiza, encapsulating luxury coastal living
Ibiza is an island with multiple layers and many different faces and stories. Have you ever experienced a special Ibiza moment, when you succumbed to the magic of the place?

There are lots of exciting places on Ibiza. But having the opportunity to shape the character of a place and leave your own signature on it is quite something! I was in on the project right from the start, and I have to admit I was gripped by the magical aura of the place from day one, all the way through to completion. The location on the cliffs is absolutely unique, and this feeling never left me right through to the official opening. Each and every time, it was a joy to be there. This summer I hope to spend some time privately at the resort on Ibiza.

Which element of the design do you think turned out especially well, or is particularly able to give expression to the character of 7Pines?

All the public areas, such as the lobby, the reception area and the bar, are designed to reflect the laid-back luxury concept and ensure guests enjoy a consistent and holistic experience. Nonetheless, my personal highlight is definitely the Pershing Bar. It’s the first ever bar on land that’s made of original Pershing parts. As such, it’s absolutely unique, but at the same time, it harmonises naturally with the overall design. Superlatives as a matter of course – I think that’s the best way to describe the character of 7Pines.
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