Elegant dining at 7Pines Resort's Capogiro with sea views, Sardinian cuisine, and fine wines.


Fine Dining AT 7Pines Resort Sardinia

Perched on a panoramic terrace with breathtaking views of Baja Sardinia's sunset, Capogiro, the signature fine dining restaurant at 7Pines Resort Sardinia, offers an unforgettable culinary journey.

Close to the renowned Costa Smeralda, Capogiro is a celebration of the Mediterranean's rich flavors, artfully crafted by Chef Pasquale D'Ambrosio. His menu highlights local produce and traditional Sardinian spices, weaving the essence of the destination into each dish.

The experience at Capogiro is further elevated by an impressive wine cellar, home to over 300 carefully selected local, Italian, and international wines, including many esteemed vintages. This exquisite selection perfectly complements the robust Sardinian flavors, creating a unique dining experience that combines the richness of the island's culinary heritage with the breathtaking seaside setting.
Assorted dishes on table at 7Pines Hotels & Resorts
7Pines Hotel store interior with glass wall shelves and modern design
Brunch table with food platter and wine at 7Pines Hotels & Resorts
7Pines Hotels & Resorts bar with a variety of alcohol bottles, elegant interior design.
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